Friday, February 20, 2009

on the drawing board

This a long format painting I'm currently working on. I thought I would take a few photos of it in progress. From time to time people have asked why I don't paint during my open studio show. I think it's about as interesting as watching grass grow. It takes quite sometime and seems so slow a process it would not hold one's interest very long (as well as mine at times). So here is the process condenced into a few steps. I will post the finished piece next week.


michelle spiziri said...

hi christine. I adore your art! do you lay down the red undercoating first, then painy, then add your gold leaf around our figures or do you lay all your lrafing down first then paint over the gold leaf?

Christine Brennan said...

Hi Michelle, I use a red Gesso (i order from Daniel Smith) and then the layer of glue, and the then the leaf. I usually sketch an outline for a painting that would include leafing and only apply the leafing to those areas. Thanks for your kind words. Chris

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