Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank you all for a great tour

I'm back after a sweet week of semi- vegetation. Lots rainy day movies, reading, and even that day of jury duty was relaxing. 
    I wanted to thank everyone for their kindness and support last weekend at the Ojai Studio tour. Especially thank you to Julie Fong who came all the way from the bay area to help out. Thanks to visitors, friends, fans and even the weather was perfect. 
Here I a photo I liked of Julie and our ex- Landlady-sweetie-pie Barbara who came by to visit. 
This couple is off to Lubuck Texas, where the below painting has found it's new home. Julie thought they looked like the painting......maybe some resemblance around the hat.
Getting ready for the Tour I was up on the Studio roof taking the shade cloth off the skylights when I looked down on the back yard. I though "wow, it look really nice from up here, hand me the camera".

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