Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally Film Fest Photos

As promised ages ago here are a few photos from the little film festival.....Niece Anna Skarimbas and Jim help get ready the morning before.
The winners circle.....Our hosts Steve and Virginia in the middle (Hmmm could it have been rigged? At least Anna won first place in the gown competition).
It was all about the go-go boots for me.
Virginia in hot pink. Who knew cello players were such party animals? (her not me)
My $20 outfit was put together that day with help from Alicia and Anna. There's nothing like the Ventura for great thrift store finds. I also got the "hollywood whore style make-up job from my neighbor who is a cosmetologist.
Alicia always looks classy (and she didn't even know we'd be attending a party).

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