Thursday, January 28, 2010

Idyllwild trip with friends

Jim and I rented a cabin in Idyllwild after Christmas with friends Lisa and Michael. I had been through there years ago briefly and remembered it might make a good get away kind of town. Turns out there are lots of cabins and vacation rentals at pretty good prices when you go with others. With the exception of some bad traffic west of L.A. it wasn't too far and you are way up in the piney mountains, surrounded by trees and beautiful views.The new Bananagram game my mom gave us for Christmas was a big hit. (Thanks Mom)
Lisa and Jim. We also ate very well. Our "cabin" was a very nice two bedroom house with a full kitchen.
Here I am at the local coffee shop after the hike.
Lots of map reading for all the good it did us.

The big hike we spent 30 minutes getting all our gear ready for turned out to be unpassable. There was no snow at our cabin but across the valley it was far too icy to walk off road.

And even tricky to walk on our "backup" hike. We were so focused on our feet that all four of us walked right by the perfectly marked trailhead. Oh well it was still all quite picturesque.

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