Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jim Featured in American Style Magazine

Donna Granata's Focus on the Masters Program is prominently featured in the current issue of American Style Magazine. Jim has a half page along with Donna's Portrait of him (and okay some other artists too). See this link for the full article. Nice work Donna!

Jim McCarthy

The home that wood artist Jim McCarthy has created with his wife, painter Christine Brennan, is truly a labor of love. What started as a 670-square-foot bungalow in Ojai has been transformed into a customized space with evidence of the artists' own hands tucked into every nook. "We added on to our small house back in 2000, but I wonder if it will ever be complete," McCarthy says. "We're always refining something, changing things, taking notes for future work."

Granata captured much of the furniture maker's own work in this portrait, taken in 2002—he handcrafted the lighting fixtures, railing, even the windowsills. The painting is Brennan's.

McCarthy's other great love is music. He and Brennan designed their music room from top to bottom, including a recording studio completely encased in a rolling cabinet. In addition to working on furniture commissions, McCarthy has begun making acoustic guitars again, after a 25-year hiatus.

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