Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jimmy's Guitars in Progress

Jim and a friend (amazing guitar player and songwriter Alan Thornhill) have been working together on making some guitars with Peter Dragge, a local luthier who is retiring and sort of passing on the wisdom. Jim has made a couple of guitars in the past but from what he tells me they were always much better looking than they sounded. I gather there is only so much innovation possible when it comes to getting the best sound. Jim's are the two in the back and Alan's is in front.
This is what top bracing might look like (there is some variation here). It it the underside of the top of the guitar. This is one of Peter's.
Peter Dragge in his shop. (I thing those two tops hanging up in background are Jim's)
Anyone need a custom guitar made? (OK so I'm proud of my fella)

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