Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "A" School Reunion

Well since the alternative high school died the year I graduated I always figured that there would be no such thing as a high school reunion for me.....well duh, thanks to facebook my closest "A" (that was the name of the high school) school buds and I finally got something together. We all met at my parents old stone vacation house in Stone Ridge New york. Five of us plus spouses and kids (except for Baby Joe and I the two californians who came solo).Here we all are on the front porch.
Frog catching.
Gathering around for panckes.
Good lookin' people. (yes I have curl envy)
Baby Joe (nice shirt)
Andy and Amanda
Jessica and Sully.
Lena and the frog.
Campfires at night, including marshmallows and sparklers

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