Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome Mayu!

We are happy and exited to have a guest exchange student Mayu (the Cookie Queen) from Japan staying with us for 3 weeks. Here she is in the kitchen already making chocolate chip cookies. Mayu is 17 (but we all think she looks about 11).
I went with the the group (6 students and a couple of us Amerian-folk) to see the Ojai Olive Farm in the East end. I've been by it a lot and never actually been there so it was fun to be a sort of "school-trip-Mom" along for the ride. I would recommend it to any locals who are looking for something to do with guests in town. Alice and Ron who gave us the tour were very kind and the tasting room was great.

Alice and our gang. (it was pretty hot if for the kids)
Ron and Alice had just gotten a new puppy about one hour before we got there.
Linda (on left) is the teacher behind the scenes.

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