Monday, September 20, 2010

Just What the Heck Did I Do All Summer?

Looking at the blog the other day I thought to myself it looks like I've done nothing all summer and It's over already. What happened? I thought about it and realized that I did do some stuff that is more about keeping things going around here. I can't exactly post photos of before and after I cleaned the bathroom....but there were a few more creative things.......This is a firewood box Jim made for me to keep kindling in for the wood stove. I think strangely enough also the first time I've painted chickens.
Kindling in the top part and wood underneath. Very handy.
I always love those do-it yourself shots of before and here is a set of my own. This a chair that really needed some attention. I painted it and made new cushions out of that sunbrella material. (I'm proud to say I even did went for the contrasting piping and figured it out). Least you think I am some sort of Martha Stewart there was lots of cursing involved and the sewing machine is now in the repair shop.

A set of folding metal chairs our friend Randal Marsh was getting rid of. They used to belong to Krotona. (I like to think of Krishnamurti's butt in one of our chairs). I painted them red and made a stencil out of some old brain scans I had. No there is nothing wrong with my brain, just plain old migraines. And I have a really nice place to sit now if I have one.
Happy Fall. Chris

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