Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latest stuff. And some post Studio Tour gratitude.

A couple new paintings that you got to see if you were able to come by last weekend, and here for your viewing pleasure if you weren't. I wanted to thank everyone again for all their continued support. You guys make me feel like a rock star (for two days...then I go back to sleep). It may not have been the record breaking big bucks score, but I did get two (perhaps three) new galleries to show my work and I'm really exited.
I will be having a show opening at HumanArts here in Ojai the weekend after Thanksgiving so get drop your wish lists off. I'm making a couple larger shadow boxes and a few new paintings and who knows what.

This guy is the same one you see if you scroll down. Someone wanted it colored in (hi Fran). The scans came out a bit weird, but It's somewhat in the ball park. (I often wake up with that 'not in the ball park feeling).
Anyhow if these headaches would let up (they've been pesky lately) It's back to the drawing board. Hope everyone is well. cb


Tammie said...

I am sorry to hear about your headaches.

Your art is wonderful, if I had been in the area, I would have stopped by! I lived in SB for 25 years, now NW Montana.

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks Tammie for the kind words. I broke down and went for a short course of steroids which I seem to have to resort to once or twice a year. I have had headaches for almost 25 years so I kind of have the drill down. best bloggy wishes, Chris

mundomundano said...

me encanto tu trabajo...... mis bendiciones y admiracion