Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting back to routine (I hope)

February was a fun blur of a month, we had our house concerts, then company for a long weekend, and my sister Kate and her family here for a week. It was great fun. Then Jim got sick, then I got it too and in between a few too many headaches for my taste. Now I think I'm back to normalish with the exception of some allergies. I have to say though the air smells so sweet and fragrant that it's almost worth it. I loved having the week off with family in town and taking a local vacation myself. I would usualy take pictures to share, but my brother in law Michael had just got a new Canon SLR camera and was busy shooting away......Now I want one too. (yikes)Here are a couple recently finished paintings. Hope everyone is having a sweet spring and avoiding the germs. -Cheers, Chris

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