Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doggie Dog World

Or is the saying Dog eat Dog? Well obviously with my mind being where it is lately it's more of a doggie dog world. Jim and I have been thinking, looking and trying to adopt a dog. I am 46 and have never in my life had a dog. I have always had allergies and Jim too has been allergic. (I was even allergic to cats too and we had them in the house when I was growing up, just lots of sniffling going on.)
Anyhow after meeting my sister's Malti-Poo about a year ago and discovering we weren't allergic to it we have been thinking of getting a furry friend of our own.

Here are are a selection of doggish friends from the easel to help get put the good dog vibes out there. After twice having two different dogs we went to the shelter to hopefully get we have come home empty handed. (The last time there were 4 people after the same one dog!)
Anyhow after bringing a bunch of work to the Santa Barbara Arts Gallery, Lynn the owner mentioned a friend who does poodle rescue. By the time I got back to Ojai the woman had left a message on my machine about a dog she thinks will fit right in.
I am going up to get him and bring him home for a visit on Thursday.
wish us all luck together.

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