Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend and Dog gone

Sorry to say we have loved and lost. Jim and I found Chico on thursday the perfect dog. It only took us two days to fall in love and also two days to confirm that Jim was allergic. We had to bring him back yesterday and we both wept. Hard to believe I could feel so sad after only 48 hours. If you are looking for the sweetest mellowest of doggies please go get this dog. (and then I can visit him). I suppose we will try again but right now I feel so sad and afraid of going through this again - and putting another dog through it again.

Well I just came across this photo that I will say probably has little to do with Memorial Day or what it is about. But I just loved all those little kids with all the older generation together. Remember how exiting it was when you were a kid and your Grandparents were coming to visit? And how equally exiting it often is for them as well. I think I'm just feeling nostalgic.
Nowadays the elderly are too often alone in a rest home and the kids are alone with the television or video games.

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