Monday, August 15, 2011

East Coast Vacation Odds and Ends

Well here is a belated selection of odds and ends from our trip back east to visit my family. We were there for the heat wave. Managed to do some fun stuff anyhow. My sister Maureen was there with her two kids visiting from Colorado and we met our brother Mike in Nyack NY for lunch and to wander around this cute little town on the Hudson river (where we used to go to drink as teenagers because the drinking age was a year younger) I didn't go crazy with the camera this time so all the other siblings visits aren't covered but It really was nice to see everyone.
Here is a kooky little grocery bag sketch playing with my Dad's Conte' crayons and graphite.
The hottest day of all we went into the city (just worked out that way) to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I made the incorrect assumption that there is no photography allowed and there actually is. I borrowed my sister's camera for a few shots of things I just really liked for one reason or another. The above couple really caught my eye. Jim and I are collaborating on a folding arched altar type piece now for a show at the Ventura County Museum of Art and I was on the lookout for inspiration.
This little girl just had such a funny lovable face. And I imagined she was just praying for someone to please finish this cross stitch for her.
Just liked this face......
Above a resaurant in Nyack. I liked this whole display of skellies having a party.
The bunch of us a sandwich shop/ bakery.

The sweets were much better looking than tasting.

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