Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post Ojai Studio Tour Thanks!

Well I was lucky enough to have a sweet trip to Germany planned for my post- Studio Tour time. Jim and I enjoyed 8 days in northern Germany were my nephew Will Brennan is teaching english for the second year on a Fulbright.
We traveled with a group of 8 including my brother and his wife and their best friends. More travel photos coming soon when I weed through the endless snaps of Churches. (Who can resist, they are always free, really old and filled with art).

A thanks to kind and awesome photographer Cindy Pitou Burton. A Ojai Studio Tour member who took the year off and was nice enough to go around and take some snaps. Thanks Cindy. You make me look good.

Sorry If I have already put this gift certificate up here. But I thought I'd remind those starting to think about the holidays.
Anyhow. I admit it wasn't my best year, but I would still like to thank those friends and fans that continue to offer kindness, smiles, and sales no matter how big or small. -Cheers. Chris

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