Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Museum of Baby Joe

Well, looking over these photos I've come to the conclusion I need to make another trip down to visit my friends Joe and Pat to a better job documenting the Museum Joe is creating there. And as you will see both Jim and I are prominently featured. What would we ever do without such supportive friends? I think Joe has more of my work than my parents! (sorry Mom)The main reason for the LA trip was to deliver this cabinet that Jim made that Joe is adding to his collection. We thought It would fit a bit more easily than it did in the truck, and barely fit through the door.
Here is the "Bobo" cabinet with it's new parents Joe (left) and Pat.

Joe has a great collection of art. I love this ceramic owl and house.
Antique stove and Joe's collection of vintage clocks.
Every inch has been re-done in Joe's collection of favorite antique and art finds. (He even has added tin ceilings.
A bathroom cabinet Jim made to fit a vintage sink Joe had.

Chris-Jim mirror. (don't remember making this. I's always fun to see stuff you haven't remembered)
The big black framed paintings are by me and I painted the little bird house (years ago)
A collection of birdie like ceramic pieces I love. (I did the paper-pulp creature on the bottom years ago)

A CD cabinet made to order. This was fun for Jim and I.
The bird cage Jim made years ago had a tiny painting of mine at the top finally had to go to make room for the new "bobo" cabinet. They kept the bottom and after removing the painting Joe donated the cage to Jim's friend with birds. (Joe had traded the last of his finch family for cats)


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Hoe said...

This cabinet looks like the one in my grandma's house long ago. We did not know the value of it, and threw it away before shifting to a new house. It sure could sell for a few thousand dollars.