Friday, March 2, 2012

Help- I've Become One of Those (Dog) Parents...

I am now officially one of those people who just thinks THEIR dog is the cutest.
Yea I know a year ago I would have been like "it's just a DOG......" -But now I get it. Or more specifically I think she has got me by the heart.
I used to have all kinds of little procrastination things (working at home can be tricky this way) calling to me to keep me off track. Now I just look over at Abby who may be doing nothing but sleeping in the window seat and I have to go over and sqoosh her and smother her with love.
Here is one of Abby's new toys. (this little fella didn't last a day) She loved him all up and ate his guts out.

A couple times I caught her walking around with a little white 'beard'.
And a little something from the house. -Jim and I had some people over for dinner the other day and they commented on all of our wonderful 'collections'. It's nice to have find people who really enjoy the visual stuff we do and I forget that I guess we do sort of have lots of little collections. Here's a shelf in the bathroom.

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