Monday, August 13, 2012

New Recession Busters

Trying to work around migraines and heat here in Ojai. Yikes. It's been around 105 almost every afternoon now for days. The studio is not the best place to be with no shade tree overhead and skylights (we even put shade cloth on the skylights in the summer). Anyhow if it isn't my head, it's the heat. And no they're not related.
 These three are little paintings on wood in the 'recession buster series'. They are sold unframed, just ready to hang. These will probably be going to Portsmouth New Hampshire within the next week or so among some others to be part of a show at Nahcotta Galleries' Enourmous Tiny Art show. It is an online and in person show. I plan to go back an visit it soon. I will probably not be able to make the opening but am looking forward to seeing it. I often never get to see half the places my work hangs.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer.