Monday, November 12, 2012

One of a kind 3-D Painting Box

This is a piece I just finished about a couple weeks ago for a fundraiser for the Ventura County Museum. They were doing a day of the dead celebration and asked local artists to do a piece based on the theme 'Retablos- a message of hope'. 
Not being a Retablo painter I thought it best not to try and paint something outside of my style just to fit in. (The notion of an Artist trying to fit in is an oxymoron).   
 The Museum provided each artist a shallow wooden box about 9"x11" inches.- I decided to just go with something I wanted to pray for. -So here is my take on Saint Agricola of Avignon the patron saint of good weather. This was just as the mighty Sandy storm was heading for my family and friends back east. -Not to mention the incredible need we have here for rain. My backyard is crying and for the first time my tiny water company down the street asked us to cutback as they are having to go to other sources to get our water.
I used gold leaf and painted the main figure, umbrella and some raindrops on thick paper mounted to give it an extra three dimensional look. -Not sure if it sold or not. Just thanks for keeping the family safe, and now if I could get a bit of rain.

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