Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Special Order Finished

I couple months ago I recieved  a fan mail from someone who had been admiring a painting in a gallery that represents me. After thinking about it for some time he noticed it missing one day when he stopped in. I thought he was joking when he wrote to see if I had that painting available, as I just the DAY BEFORE received a check for it. -He was hoping the gallery had returned it after having it for a while and was suffering some buyers remorse.
I said I wold be happy to work with some of the elements that really drew him to the painting in the first place. We agreed I would do three sketches and and he could choose his favorite for me to work from for the finished work. It was kind of fun, and I ended up liking all three. (ok maybe one more than the others but I won't tell)
 A bit hard to tell in these photos but hopefully you get the idea. Basically working with a gold leaf circle large foreground/background split, and a very soulful face that wasn't to kooky.

The finished piece. I like how it came out. Waiting for the paint to dry, but the customer loved the photo.


Anonymous said...

Business is buzzin'. You go girl! Rah Rah Shish koom BA!

Anonymous said...

I like how it came out too!!
Mary DT

Christine Brallier said...

Love ALL the drawings! Your art is so beautiful, so special!

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks so much everyone. I think I need a little pick me up right now and you are all it! Thanks for writing.