Thursday, February 28, 2013

Springtime Gratitude

This year for my birthday I decided to take a leap of faith and invite some close friends to help in the yard. It seems a bit presumptuous of me but I find between working at home and being the gardener it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. Having a perfectionist way about me all I ever see is what is wrong and needs work. The longer I go without doing the work the more overwhelming it seems. So this year I thought the best gift would be a giant jumpstart to help get me over the hump.

I was really nervous about it all but people actually showed. My friend Lorraine the caterer had to work but insisted on feeding us all anyway. I could be wrong but it seemed everyone really kind of enjoyed themselves. There is something about working on a shared project together that makes it much more fun and people get to visit as well. -I think we should all do this kind of thing for each other more often. (and it shouldn't even need to be a birthday)
Thank you again everyone. I await your call when you need a hand......

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