Monday, June 17, 2013

Brumfield's Gallery Show in Boise

Well back for a week now from my little trip to Boise Idaho where I had a solo show open at a great gallery in the little historic Hyde Park District right outside of downtown.
  I'm proud of how the show looks and thrilled with the gallery and what a nice job they did with everything.

 Flying there as is often the case from the sky I am so in awe of the landscape from the window of an airplane. (Here are a couple coming into San Francisco airport)

 Arriving downtown Boise my hotel was just down the street from the capitol. - And near this great sign.

 I'd never been to Boise. It was hotter and dryer than I expected. The sun set at 10:pm. It was a mix of neat old two and three story brick buildings and then a fair amount of new skyscrapers of mirror and glass that I can't say are enhancing the feel of the town but as my cabdriver pointed out on the way out, it is a sign that the local economy is finally growing again.

Having all of Saturday before the gallery opening I decided to rent a bike and do the Boise River Greenbelt. - Boise is rated (per capita) the third top most 'bike user' city. They sure were everywhere. The river path (paved) goes on an on. I biked for solid 3 hours and didn't see it all.

The Gallery owner's who had put me up in a great hotel picked me up at the airport and the next day drove me to the gallery. Having never been there I was very impressed by how beautiful everything looked. (and not just my work). It felt like exhibiting in a museum. I have had solo shows in the past few years but it has been quite a while since I have been in such a nice space. The art the owner Jane Brumfield loves and displays is also a good fit with mine.

 A couple of fun favorites.- This artist from England does these little critters with just shells.

  And artist Lisa Kaser who I've always been fond of. (these are wax and wool felt)

And my ego is not immune from the thrill of seeing my name in big letters on a wall. (Look Mom and Dad!)

                                                A few shots of the special exhibition room.

And the sweet owners.  Mike and Jane Brumfield. Thank you guys (and Rebecca behind the desk who ran when she saw me try to take her picture). Just a beautiful space, and I appreciate your help in getting me up there to see it all and meet some great people. If you are looking for some great art check out:

(note to self: if you are ever feeling insecure in anyway do not stay in a hotel jammed packed with triathletes in for the weekend Iron man competition.)

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