Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Custom piece

This painting was done by a customer as a surprise for her husband as a wedding gift. They had seen my work at HumanArts Gallery here in Ojai and fell in love with it.  She came back last fall to secretly buy him a piece for Christmas and it was gone.  Little did she know he snuck back first and bought it as a Christmas surprise for her.  These are there their two dogs.                                               


Anonymous said...

With all the wedding planning I only just got to log on to look at this! The stickers are going well...well, Shaw cut them! And swears he's gonna stick them on tomorrow!:) The painting is above the bed and we marvel at it often. We love it so much! And we might run into you on the wedding weekend, same as the studio tour weekend up in Ojai. Hope you are well my friend. xoxoxo I might be too techtarded to post this, so I'm going with anonymous b/c it seems easier. URL?? WHAT???

Anonymous said...

And I meant to say, once again, thank you for your beautiful work. It is stunning and a very happy addition to our home. We love it, and you. Your name graces a little video project I've done as a surprise for Shaw for the wedding too, as a top reason we love Ojai! xoxox, Heather

Christine Brennan said...

Aw Schucks, It was nothing. (well not really, but you guys were great to work with)- Pop on over in your wedding gown during the studio tour just to shock everone! -cb