Monday, July 26, 2010

My Brother, Keeper of the Castle

From my recent trip back east here are a few photos. My Brother Mike recently was hired to caretake a magnificent old castle in Piermont New York overlooking the Hudson. He's living in the basement which sounded rather drab when I heard but after the tour I have to say even the basement of this place was really nifty. Two kitchens (from back in the day when all the cooking was done by the servants in the basement and brought up in an elevator), and all kinds of other interesting nooks and crannies.
Mikey on the antique tractor he uses on the grounds.
The three story barn. Dairy cow stalls in the basement, beautiful wooden horse stalls on the main floor with a huge tack and trophy room. And the upper floor is rented out to a local artist. (That's Mom and Dad getting the tour with me)
One of the kitchens in the basement. It gives you the idea how cool looking everything was.
Mom and Dad (Gert and Larry to you) in jail......There was even a movie set jail in a dark corner of the barn where some film company rented the space for filming and left the "cell".
Someday perhaps I'll get invited upstairs. Hope everyone is doing well. cb

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