Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Panama Canal Photos as Promised

These are not exactly in order (and I have just given a many oil tanker or cruise ship photos would anyone want to look at?)After our passage through the canal from the pacific we ended up in the town of Colon where we hopped this very cool old train that follows the original train tracks parallel to the canal.
A plant by our hotel I thought just looked really cool.
Gert and Larry Brennan
Howler monkey mommy and baby.
The boat we had to go through the canal. It was apparently an old rum runner boat owned by Al Capone during prohibition. (so the story goes).
Here we are going through a lock...the giant steel gates swing open.
The boat in the lock in front of us. You get an idea of how far up (24') it is being raised.
A deadly Caman Crocodile on the shore as we await entry to a lock.
A tanker going by the boat...(I love all these colors)
And how could I resist all these turtles.
A local in one of those giant handmade canoes (this I think I took from the bus)
Gert, Jim and Larry.
Every thing grows here....fancy thins you only ever see in high end florists are like side of the road weeds. Good place to garden I imagine.

Quite a few of these really cool old buildings falling back into nature. When the U.S. was there they had 10 miles on either side of the canal. It was built up with lots of military and operational housing. Now since it it is owned by Panama again most can't afford to keep them up. Some in the very fancy areas are slowly being bought up by investors and turned into bed and breakfasts.
Oh yeah. I was there too. And of course the name tag (yes it was a tour)
A view from our hotel room for the first 3 nights. It is looking out at the mouth of the canal on the pacific side.

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