Sunday, November 21, 2010

HumanArts Opening, Photos, and Thanks

A huge thank you to Stan and Hallie at HumanArts Gallery for a super swell reception last night. Everyone enjoyed the yummies and especially Hallie's mexican tortilla wraps. -And of course a feast for the eyes as well (and I'm not talking about just my stuff- I just wanted to browse and shop the whole time I was there).

Hallie and Ruth Farnham.
A bit of the left hand side of the window.......
A bit of the right.......(here is a photo of the new deer cut-out for you Baby Joe!)
Shadow boxes.
Jim chats with Sergio Arogones. Sergio lives in Ojai and if you were ever a fan of Mad magazine you've seen his artwork (those tiny pen and ink sketches in the margins)
Thank you to all who came to support and if you want to come and check out the show it is up until Dec. 30th

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