Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos from Open Studio Event.

Well finally some photos for the blog here from the Open Studio a few weeks ago. (Is that all? Seems like ages)
Anyhow I want to give a huge bundle of thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped (Julie and Joe and Jimmy) and of course my fabulous fellow artists Teal Rowe, P. Lyn Middleton and Dianne Bennett. I only wish I had a chance to get over to Dianne and Chris's house to visit and see her exhibit but there's never really time to run away from your own event to visit each others'.
I have been enjoying a bit of time off and then it's back to something every weekend for a while. Jim and I just hosted a grey water workshop here in the backyard. I will try to post a few photos of that soon but thought I'd better get these up for now. - Also thanks again to all my kind visitors, supporters and friends. This year's open house was a great success!
A little visiting garden angel.
Julie Fong and Teal Rowe
Me. Teal and P. Lyn Middleton.
Looking in from backyard to the addition where the two guest artists displayed.

Another garden angel.
'Baby' Joe my helper extrordinare. With Janette a Santa Barbara fan and P. Lyn
Looking down on P. Lyn and Teal's set up.
This year my epiphyllum was in full bloom to greet visitors.
And Lotte was happy when she finally got to come out of the coop.

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