Saturday, June 18, 2011

Art and Thought Lab

For six weeks now my art brain and psyche has been under the direction of Maria Lucia Phillips. (although she may not agree to that description).
She calls her classes Art and Thought Lab. In her own words:

A life-transforming experience for people willing to go deep and experience the various facets of one’s own creative process as “the sculptor, the sculpture and the marble” at the same time.

It is sometimes great, and sometimes like being in therapy going through something you really would rather not, and not always sure of why the heck you signed on in the first place. The best part is just working with some mediums that I haven't played with in ages. It is a somewhat mysterious process you have to just decide to trust on some level. And I may not know exactly what I got out of it until quite some time after the classes are over.

And man is there a lot of homework. I'm posting some of it.- But some of it I hate so much I don't want to even photograph. The point is supposed to be the process never the result, but one of my THINGS is perfectionism so that makes it a bit tricky.

I like this little simple one above quite a bit.

More to come. Some I have not photographed. Some are so large I don't know how!- Some are unfinished ceramic works..........

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