Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art And Thought Lab Part 2

So I guess I should try to give some idea as to what 'homework' may be for any one of these items you see. Luckily Maria Lucia is all about following something inside that you yourself may not even be aware of. So when I freak out because I hate an assignment she (and Mary the writer who is taking the class with me), are quick to remind me that there is never a correct answer. (just a winey frustrated brain)......
She listens to both of us and based on what we say she gives us each our separate 'homework' (which she has taken to calling 'prompts' as she probably got tired of us wining like children about having too much homework).
This particular week she wanted me to buy a bag of clay and 'play with the clay'. It didn't have to be anything specific or end up an art piece. But I did have to do it outside, with no shoes on, sitting on the ground. (the chickens were confused by what the heck I was doing and why they couldn't sit on my lap.)
As you can see, after a bit of mushing around I got into making figures. I've been wanting to make my own sort of 'Santo' figurines for a while now. -So of course I got really persnickety and spent hours and days working on these three people. I just got them fired the other day and now when I have time would like to paint and make some clothes for them......(I have no idea why they are all so fat)

this is in response to the idea of labyrinth.-so sometimes a prompt is just an idea or word. Sometimes just picked at random out of a hat.
cut out from a series from another much larger assignment still to come....
this is in response to some prompt that I just hated and so wrote about how much I hated it! Maria Lucia seems to get really exited when you react to something.....ie. that is the direction you need to explore.
these last two were a fear from a list you make then add two items you pick out of a hat. I couldn't feel them going together, but just did it anyway.

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love the sketches