Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hope's 85th Birthday

Took me several weeks to get these up but here are a few of my favorites. We had everyone but Jim's son James who was in New Zealand, and Jeff and Gorica (here they got to be in the group photo thanks to Skype). Geoff was there with his friend Shanti who lives in Ojai (but was giving her a ride home unfortunately when the photo came together).
With Jim's help I made a huge chicken curry salad and a lentil quinoa, feta salad. For dessert my first and feeble attempt at a chocolate mousse. A vegetable soup for lunch with fresh bakery bread and cold cuts.
Thank you Hope for being born and taking care of my Jimmy.......(hey, I'm in a photo!- That's Janet -Jim's sister on the left.)
We played croquet and Mr. fancy legs won by a landslide.
Hope. Always in pale pink.
Jeff and Gorica checking in.........

Jim borrowed a fancy ping pong table from a guy in his band. It went over big.
Perfect weather. Thank you in this strange spring we've had.

I didn't quite catch this exchange but in true Geoff form it had something to do with potatoes and having Hope put them on her ears. I just liked the visual.

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