Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Post

I found this book yesterday at Bart's Books our local used book store. It now actually has some brand spankin' new books and this was one of them. I've always liked Lynda Barry's cartoons and this book seemed to be chocked full of just random playing on paper to inspire...........It reminds me any dorky little doodle or scribble can grow into a playful artful thing.

Just some images from the vault. I have been working away almost exclusively on my Art and Thought Lab class assignments. - Most I deem to be rather un-postworthy but I may put them up here anyhow. The latest batch has to do with my inner critic and so are full of my icky inner thoughts. (Oh my god she's insecure and questions herself all the time! How unusual).
I am constantly searching for good recycled brown paper. I have a notebook I like. Paper bags are also good. I love this color and the little bits of flecks that sometimes lead my brain to find something in the picture.

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