Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Esmerelda

So last week's Art and Thought Lab assignment was to fully flesh out our inner critic. Describe, give a history, future and include preferences......
Meet Esmerelda. I decided to sew her. I have amassed quite a collection of fabric bits I like and it was a perfect (there's that word) match. Although the irony being that Esmerelda is 'perfect' in so many ways and my sewing skills may not quite match her preferences. Her history and things she may want you to know about her are all written on tiny bits of paper and fill the many pockets I made on her outfit. (I think there are 6).
She is course very tall and thin (even though to the untrained eye her limbs may look like more like sausages)...... This weeks asssignment has to do with us learning to get along better.

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