Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Art And Thought Lab Part 3

A selection of some more Art and Thought Lab pieces. In between classes there has been a trip to see my friend Kate in Ann Arbor and Jim and I went back east to my parents for a week to experience their heat wave.....
Since it's been a while I wanted to post a few odds and ends here. I can't always recall what the image was in response to. (The assignment or 'prompt') Where possible I'll try to explain.
This was one of those pick a newspaper headline or image out of a hat that Maria Lucia provides and work with it. I think this one was "someone guarding the gate" or something like that. Of course it ended up looking up like the inner critic images I made so you can read it as me being the blue guy.....
This I came across on one of my class pages illustrating my difficulty paying attention when there is much talking going on. I've been given the go ahead to feel free to doodle whenever my brain is starting to wander. (If only this would have worked all those years in school).
"Greater than the sum of her parts" is the above image from a headline I pulled out of the box of tricks. Quickie thing done in class.
This had something to do with letting the inner child out to play/ out of the box.....I did the above (and below figures) one after the other and then cut them all out. I chose my favorites, glued them onto brown paper and painted with gouache and color pencil.

My inner critic......
This above image was a in class quickie and I'm afraid I don't recall what the assignment was. Only that I liked the type to face inward so the person's body could read it from the inside.
This was to fully flesh out and me and my inner child in a safe place/box.
I made us out of quick drying clay and then sewed some little dresses. It is like half of these things unfinished but eventually I was hoping to paint faces on them and decorate the inside of the box a bit more.

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