Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art And Thought Lab Part 5 Meet my inner champion

This assignment was to describe (in any media I chose) a sort of inner champion. Think of it as a voice that reasons over any negative one. I'm learning to listen to the negative less and now I have my very own champion to cheer me on instead.
I've named her Juney. She is all brown recycled paper with oil paint. I loved just doing it all very fast and not worrying about archival consequences. (the paper is not sealed against the oil) but also just the fun of how the thin paper gets to have it's own life (the skirt and feathers)


Anonymous said...

Feel embarrassed to constantly be swooning over your stuff....but this little sucker really takes the cake! Jeff M

Christine Brennan said...

Well schuck Jeff. Thanks! I'm just really glad I got a decent photo before I tried to glue her to a backing. - She ended up all puckered. But then I have to remind myself that the whole idea is that little POSITIVE voice that cheers me on and not the one that might beat myself up for a mistake. (or not mistake but something other than what you may have intended). cb