Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dog Days...Meet Abby

Abby the dog. Tuesday eve I was ready to turn her in. Wednesday was a much better day, I had my hour and a half cello rehearsal so I took most of the morning to tire her out before the big separation. Of course I can't really know how she did as I was gone the whole time. I think I need to set up a recording device to find out if she is barking the whole time. It has only been two weeks but she obviously is a bit afraid of men approaching her (especially in the house) and she does NOT want to be more than ten away from me. I made the mistake of thinking she wouldn't wander when I went from the studio to the house and unfortunately she caught site of the chickens and all hell broke loose.- Of course a "come Abby" had no effect whatsoever and it took some very frantic (the chickens AND me AND the dog) few minutes for me to catch her. I carried her into the house and went back out to find one chicken missing. I spent around 10 minutes looking for Flo the hen and found her huddled in a frightened puddle up against the outside of the coop. She was fine but allowed me to pet her and just sat there. Which is not Flo's usual behavior.-So much for the easy chicken introduction.
People say she is a poodle with a lot of Bichon Frise in her. She has a long body, big head and short legs. Strange little shape that seemed quite awkward and silly when I first saw her and now seems adorable. Am I one of those parents who thinks their kooky looking child is just beautiful?
I have a trainer coming over on Monday to help with some of the worse problems and check out what I'm doing (or shouldn't be doing) to help get Abby over some of her phobias. As she is a rescue dog we have no history of her past. She is about one year old and VERY fond of children. (She would have me adopt an 8 year old I think instead of another dog for her to play with)


Anonymous said...

Ah Dear Abby!
And....for a new mother you still are a GREAT photographer!

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OH my! so cute..=D