Monday, December 12, 2011

More Germany....

Well I just noticed that the little blogger slideshow had been somehow showing the Germany photos instead of the art photos as I set it up. I of course have no idea why and it took a while to switch it back but it did serve to remind me I had many more photos that may be nice to share. Here are some, out of order of course. But as you can see anything with a bird is the fabulous bird park.
A rare Jim and Chris photo in one of our hotel rooms.

I always love the european farmer's market flowers and wreaths. These were only about $5 bucks each. Wish I could take them home and that they'd last forever. Somehow they have a way with arranging that you don't see often here unless it's a fancy florist and then they would be $30-50.!
Very cool clock that even had a face with eyes that ticked left to right with each second.
This above shot is of a church bell that fell half melted to the ground in world war two bombing. Sad signs that sometimes overwhelm when you think/read ponder all the loss of war.
This is a dinner at the underground cellar where they held massive barrels of beer (you can see one next to my sister in law Ingrid sneaking a photo). We didn't get to go on this tour but apparently the underground area is the size of many football fields. (that's a lot of beer)

Lovely burdies.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the bird shots!

Bella said...

I like the photo shot.. so natural..

Darmayoga said...

Nice posting, I love the photo..