Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fall After The Rain

Things are looking happier here after a bit of rain last month. The succulents seem happier and even have a bit more color. I'm never sure if the cool weather brings it out or more water.After another frustrating gopher summer I have resorted to planting some of my more favorite things in cages or even in pots. Here is a little rusty truck filled with Hens and chick plantings.

Ouch. It was finally time to admit that the oak tree by the side door is happy healthy and showed no signs of laying off the roof. Even after I tried to get along better by cutting a circle out of the over hang to give it room, it grew right back into it.- It it quite a bit chunk of the tree but the tree guy seemed to agree it would be just fine.
Here is the before shot. Lots of fire wood for next year. Be well tree.


Storm Of Angels said...

I love your natural way of writing. :)

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!