Friday, April 6, 2012

More memory lane and a bit of Jim McCarthy

Happy Spring to you all, just a random bits from the past for you (found these going through old digital files looking for a painting to work with for OSA 'Hang 10' show- see previous entry if confused).....Above is me and Abby in the studio. Thanks Lorraine, she LOVES her new cozy bed, and has a perfect view of yard chickens and squirrels.
A very small oil painting. It's funny to hear since I got a dog, "Now you'll probably do a lot more dogs in your paintings huh?" ...................Huh?
1999. (Ahhhhh the year I got married.) Lots of flying bird like thingies. I'm still do some bird-things 13 years later.
And a collaboration with Jim the "Where's my hat?-hat rack". This is a wall piece that has a single hook just below little shelf.


california pr firm said...

It made the surrounding prettier and colorful.

thebuddinggourmet said...

Beautiful pics. thanks for sharing.....