Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ojai Museum Piece

Going back a few posts I mentioned I had to do a piece for this years Ojai Studio Artist's show at the Ojai Museum. I chose (instead of doing something on the #10) to take a work from 10 years ago and update it (instead of the other option of working with the #10 as a theme). As promised here it is.... 12"x12" oil on board with gold leaf from 2002
I decided after picking the image from 10 years ago not to look at it again. I then did above sketch for new painting.
And the finished new piece. You can see I did change a things a bit as I started painting, but unfortunately I like the one from 2002 better. I hope that doesn't mean I 'peaked' 10 years ago. Now that I look at them together I can see what is is that I like better about the first one, but I won't nitpick. I know too well from experience that my own opinion doesn't always count.


franf said...

hey chrisie,
since ii am proud owner of a glclee of firts one, i feel i can weigh in. i like the first one better!!

Christine Brennan said...

Now I know I'm washed up! :)