Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Jimmy Jim Jimmers

In honor if Jimmy's 60th birthday!
 Here is the home spread on the actual day (a little over a week ago). Many of the things in packages look far more exiting when wrapped.....Socks new t-shirts, that sort of thing. But I did make him this flag-card-book thing I had fun with and it seemed to go over big. (It made him a tad weepy. Who could ask for more?)

 I think if you click on the image it may be sort of readable. It is a kind of love story. -One of many nicknames I have for Jim is Bunny.

 And coming soon. More photos than you can imagine of this past weekend's get together with all the McCarthys and a few close friends.  We had a great time. -Can't wait to show you all the photos of the guitar shaped birthday cake.
(L-R) Jim, his sons Lars, James, Crouching Geoff (step bro) nephew Patrick, the Amazing Hope (Step mom and so much more), theatrical Jeff (brother) Me (behind Abby), sister Janet (not the catholic kind), Emma (step sis), And Other Jim (Emma's sweetie)

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