Friday, May 4, 2012

Relaxing, and rejuvenating (my secialties)

Thanks again to everyone who helped, visited and supported (in dollars or love) this last weekend at the Spring Open Studio. It was a great weekend and now I get the the fun resting part. Mostly. There are of course the little things I have to shove aside a bit before the show in order to stay focused, bills, insurance company problems, holes in window screens the dog can fit through and all number of life's little thingys to take care of now.  

 Here are some peices fresh from the latest batch......two oil paintings
 And some jewelry too. I had a lot of fun with beading my own chains. A bit more work of course and you can't just slide the pendant off for a shorter or longer chain but it allows me to make something that really is unique and highlights some of the colors in the pendant part. This one below is one of my favorites.

 The piece above is shorter length petite piece that pairs copper and pearl with a tiny peice of 'sea tile' (like sea glass but bits of very old ceramic that the ocean has worn down) this one is blue on one side and a perfect matching brown on the other.
 The above is me hand knotting pearls with sea glass charms I made. It takes FOREVER, but probably would be much quicker if I did it more often.
 A little collage type pendant. This one like many is also double sided. I have amassed a collection of turquoise like this round piece I love.
And I have done a few similar earrings to these now. These are antique black glass buttons that have a design in relief. They are all black so I rub white oil paint into the the recesses and wipe off to better show the design.


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Hello, Is your fist favorite pendant pc shown in your blog still available? how long is the "chain"?