Friday, June 29, 2012

Give Away and New Paintings

Happy summer everyone! To celebrate and offer my continued thanks to you all here is a little give away for you. The below sketch is a pencil drawing from my sketchbook that I hand colored with pencils. If you are interested just say hi (and a name please) in the comment section below and you will be entered for a random drawing. I will ship to the winner at the end of July.
Getting some new ready work for upcoming shows. I have a few new galleries I will let you know about soon but thought I would include a few paintings with their original inspirations to show you a bit of the process.
 The white pencil sketch was just a mindless thing that happened but I liked it enough and decided to make it into one of my small paintings on board.

 I seem to have a thing for these old fashioned phones and like the symbolism behind the communication aspect of them too.

 This above shot is sadly out of focus but it gives you the idea. It is one of my paper bag drawings that I added just a hint of color to. I loved how it came out and the painting ended up having quite a different feeling but hopefully lovable as well.

 Thank you to you all and enjoy the sweetness of summer. -Chris


Families Against Breed Bans said...
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Faith said...

Absolutely love your work Christine. It is great to see how your characters come into being.

Mary Scott said...

Hi, Christine! Love the sketches for your new work. Glad to see your work is thriving.
Take care,
Mary Scott

Jen said...

Hi Christine,

My husband loved the signed and sketched book for his birthday that my mom got when she was there visiting Scott and Jeri! We are big fans over here. Love seeing your process in the photos above. Thanks!

Jen Briola.

michelle spiziri said...

Lovely work! I hope I win!

Uta Culemann - Ritke said...

I love you work, Christine!

Carol Grace Shelley said...

Hi Chrissie.........yeah, love seeing the process.

Sorry I missed you all on the last trip down........nex'time!! xxxooo Carol

Suzi Skutley said...

Hi Christine!
Sorry I had to miss the recent studio tour.
At least I can look up at my living room wall and view some of your art!

Lorraine lim said...

You're so awesome!!!! Hope I win!!!

Anonymous said...

Howdy neighbor! Love your blog! Sincerly, Shayne Bourbon

kaarina said...

sorry i wasn't able to get to the santa barbara show. booth looked great! it's been awesome to see your art evolve over the years. thoroughly enjoyed your and jim's video. your blog is the most engrossing one i've seen. keep on keepin' on!


Jan Polacco said...

Chris I have been a fan of you for a long time. Love your work and it just keeps getting better!

mary Zeldis said...

Hi, I've never done this before & hope the Google World doesn't start following me around spying, but I want to win your drawing because I've been admiring your work for years. First, we noted your paintings on the walls of the gallery in Ojai and since have been to your house (my loving husband put up a winter "rain roof" outside our bedroom after that)Your sketch will find a loving home -we share your values camping/friends/ creation.You can come visit. Mary Zeldis 3631 San Gabriel Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I wasn't even aware of this fabulous blog. Yeah!!!! Your art touches my heart in so many ways. I want everything. LOL Keep doing what you do.

linda schillerstrom said...

hi christine,
i loved seeing your process with the smaller paintings. that was so nice of you to post those stages. i love the way you create magic in your work. i hope i win! continued best wishes, linda schillerstrom

Anonymous said...

Pick me! Love your work soooo much!

Rita said...

I continue to be so amazed with your work. I love, love my recession buster painting I bought from you through eatsy.
I hope I win this drawing!