Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jewelry and Adventures in Dogville

Just a hello and a check in with some random art in the form of jewelry and as requested (here you go Fran and Maureen) 'more dog shots please.'
A little pearl necklace with copper beads and a tile fragment with the perfect color blue. The reverse of this just happened to be clay color that goes well with the copper.
This is one of my hand knotted pearl and beach glass necklaces with a double strand. I'm sure I'd get quicker at this but it sure takes a while.
This was a nice match with the stone and the colors back to front. When making a piece two sided I have to really find two images that have similar colors so any stones used don't clash too much with one of the sides.

 And as promised an Abby update. Above was a great day Jim and I went to walking on the bluffs in Goleta. We decided (after lots of training in 'offleash' classes) we were ready to try her with out. she was very good and even healed when reminded. She's okay but if she sees a rabbit or someone walking by the house she runs and won't come when called. -More work necessary on this front. Do I have the patience?
 In the studio she struggles between boredom and entertaining herself. Here she chews a bone, then later some kindling she finds from near the wood stove, then later a cardboard tube she pulls out of the trash. I suppose I need to scold her for pulling stuff out of the trash, but sometimes I just want to leave her to her own devices if it's not a paint tube or something. -But then how will she know the difference between that and the trash in the house which she is forbidden to touch. (which of course doesn't always stop her)

 After a bath. Which she reluctantly allows us to do every now and then. We are on the verge of trying to cut her ourselves. (It's going to add up if we have to take this fluff-nugget to the groomer all the time). I found a pair of good sheers on Ebay and now just have to muster the courage. Hope she doesn't mind.

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fran said...

Thanks, Chris.She's the cutest littel love muffin!