Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And the Winner Is.........

Well yesterday marked the last day of July. I'm always half loving summer and yet somehow sad that it will be over soon. And I now live were it is almost virtually always summer climate-wise. I think I have a residual thing from when I was a kid and couldn't wait for school to be over so I could be FREE! -Then of course before you know it school and winter would be looming. As an adult I have one of the free-est jobs there is- No freezing cold winter, and somehow the brain (or heart) still hangs onto those patterns.
  Anyhow I remembered it was time to pick a winner for my little give away and after throwing the names in a hat the winner is Jan Polacco. Congratulations Jan!
 Jan's new friend......And thank you for all you who entered and added your kind comments and encouraging words. I will continue to do a couple of these a year, so stay tuned.
 I have been working on some tiny paintings for the upcoming Enormous Tiny Art Show in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Here are are a couple of them below.

And of course my faithful companion.

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