Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tomato Artfest

Here are three small unframed pieces I made for the upcoming 11th Tomato Artfest in Nashville Tennessee. The owner of Art Inspiration Gallery there will be showing my work and wanted to introduce it at this festival they have every year. It is apparently quite well attended with an estimated 18,000 people attending last year. If you happen to be in the area August 11th check it out here. http://tomatoartfest.com/
If you can't live without one of these paintings you can get in touch with Meg at the above link and I'm sure she can help you out.
 (there is a separate category for fruit and veggies too)
These are all smallish (5x5-8x8" ish pieces ranging from $300-400. each)


Christine Brallier said...

Love these!!! I was disappointed to miss you while you were in Santa Barbara. Hopefully next time!

fran f said...

i want to win! how do i do that?

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks Christine! And Fran I just emailed you-your comment is here. (only I would have wondered for sure who Fran F. is........)