Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You Santa Barbara!

Hello everyone, just a note of thanks to all of you who came by on Wednesday to visit and those who supported in kindness and well wishes. The show went well. Jim and I had a great spot in the front garden area and were afraid of getting withered and burned in the sun and the day turned out to be overcast and the perfect temperature. Jim made new display panels that worked out well. 


I know it looks like no one is visiting me at all but we wanted a photo of the set-up and so waited for a quiet moment to take a couple photos. I wanted one of the two sisters Mette and Sissel's booth right next to mine (the guest artists this last Spring Open Studio), but they were always jam-packed. A special thanks to Sissel's husband Rhinehart who took Abby for a few very long walks which she loved.

Here are a few more of the tiny 'recession buster' series I finished in time for the show. 


Glaudius said...

Great work. To bad there is no image of your jewelry. You do like pensive characters with their pet :)

I like big formats (like your bigger ones) more for this type of work, because when alone on a wall, they express themselves better. Smaller pieces need to be supplemented by other paintings which distract.
Anyway great work.

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks Glaudius, I really appreciate the comment (and that it's not all negative) I do have the urge to paint much larger at times and get held back by the expenses of the frames, the retail cost (the smaller works sell quicker as more people can afford, they take up more room if they sit in the studio etc.)- I do have a couple up my sleeve and think you've just helped me to just do a couple anyway. It's been a while and it's good to shake it up.