Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three more Recession Busters

Moving on to some larger paintings now that this batch is done. Doing a very long thin landscape with a gold leaf sky which is a fun challenging size. Jim looked at it and asked if it was for us to keep. I took that as a good sign, but will need to try and sell it if possible. 

Joe Mueller (Baby Joe) just added this above painting to website and then emailed to let me know he thought it was an 'important work' and that he needed to have it. Not sure why it's important other than it now being part of the Baby's vast collection. (thanks Joe)

And some turtle love here. We've been doing a lot of very late spring cleaning in the pond lately. (it's quite forgiving but my inner perfectionist always remembers how it was perfectly clear just after we put it in. - It's still pretty good now but more of a real eco-system. 
And one last great pic courtesy of P. Lyn Middleton. This is Buffy checking out one of P. Lyn's handmade platters. 

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