Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicken Actress and Jim's New Sign

Truly a scattered post if ever I wrote one. This past weekend my friend Dulaney phoned and needed a friendly chicken for a photo shoot. Dulaney has been working on a film in which war veterans become farmers back at home. It is a great and worthy project. See more at this link http://vimeo.com/14348137
A 13 min. teaser.
 This is my sweet chicken Lottie. She was very well behaved in the photo shoot.

 We're hoping it gets used for the cover shot for the film. She may get upstaged by a pitchfork.
After some nagging Jim finally got around to re-doing the sign for his shop. He chose a different color and repainted the door to match. I wish I had a shot to share of it back up. I got him some great pots and plants for out front to spruce up the place, but haven't taken a photo. You'll just have to stop by.

That was a lot of gold leafing. I love before and after shots.
In case you are wondering Aaron is Aaron Clapp. He and Jim were partners for a while back a number of years and Jim has always preferred sticking with the old name instead of using Jim McCarthy.

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