Friday, August 31, 2012

More Art and Thought Lab Stuff.

A few things from the Art and Thought Lab. I went through my folder and I think I haven' put these up yet......

This is a quickie sketch on brown paper with ink. I think as I recall I was thinking about my headaches and the assignment or prompt included titling a couple things. (As those of you who may know my work know I hate to title anything). This one is titled 'Trying to wait it out'

 These are a series of little books I made in response to answering some questions about what types of rules we set for ourselves. (good, bad and even those we don't set but should).
 These two pages are examples of somewhat unconscious 'rules' I have that really don't work work for me most of the time.

 These two are more like the kind of rules we need to invent more of to help nurture.

This book is about addressing my personal inner 'critic' and as you can see- learning to get along. (Her name is Esmerelda)

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