Sunday, September 16, 2012

East Coast Opening and Vacation

Well I'm back from a 16 day trip back East. First a few days with Mom and Dad in northern New Jersey and the siblings in that area, then on to the annual Labor day Brennan reunion outside New Paltz, New York in a 270 year old stone house my folks  bought when I was a kid. (that may be a seperate post unless you've been on Facebook- in which you are thinking "enough already!"
Anyhow here are a few from an art opening I had in Portmouth New Hampshire.   Eight "recession Buster" sized paintings. It just worked out that my road trip buddy Teal Rowe and I were in the area. (As was Obama apparently. Lucky to get a hotel!)
 Nahcotta Gallery a bit quieter the day after the opening.
 The evening of the opening. I liked the girl who worked there part time. (as I did for 15 years at a gallery), and when I found out she was also one of the artists I went to check out her work. I loved it. I have a thing were if I can afford it (and it's not huge) I like to support a fellow artist in kindness, but also thinking it may come back to me. Artkarma.
 Here is Allison Kiphuth's work. I bought the itty bitty one with the moon. Very much reminded me of the little shadow boxes I've done.

Invitation. If you want to see my page or browse some of the artists click the following link,-Christine.aspx

My favorite hipster decor ever. A place called friendly toast in Portsmouth New Hampshire. 
Teal praying for the soul of the nun.

Oh, and the Artkarma thing must have worked. When we went back the next day to pick up my tiny art, I'd sold the largest piece of mine online. Yippee.
Thanks for everyone's kindness along the way. It was the sweetest of trips. Chris

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